Smoking a moldy weed means compromised flavor, smell, and overall experience. Nothing can ruin the mood of a stoner than inhaling the mold in the name of weed. Plus, it can cause various health problems that eventually affect the lungs.

Here are some easy ways to recognize the mold when you buy weed online or offline. Let’s get to know-

Examine for the Look

This is the first thing you can do to determine if the bud is free of mold. Get the bud and see if you notice any powdery appearance, yellow or grey fur, dark spots, or slime-like texture. If you find any of these things, it is a sign of moldy weed. You should ignore buying the weed or return if you buy online.

Use Your Smelling Sense

The next tip is to use the power of smell to determine if you have got a moldy weed. A weed or bud can release various smells, but if you sense a sweaty or urine-like smell, then it is moldy. Also, if you sense a smell of mold itself as many people have more sensitive toward sniffing; it is a sign of rotten weed.

Feel the Dry and Crispy Touch

This is another way of testing for a moldy weed. Just keep the bud in your hands and feel if it is dry and crispy enough. The weed that feels damp or squishy may represent a decayed bud.

This is how using your senses; you can get to know if the bud is worth smoking or not. If you become sure that the weed is moldy, avoid smoking it up at any cost. To avoid receiving a moldy weed, rely on a genuine supplier when you buy marijuana online.

What If You Already Have Moldy Weed?

If you already have moldy weed, there is no need to throw it away; there are some methods by which you can make use of the herb.


It is the method to kill the mold by putting the bud in the oven. Set the temperature to 230℉ for 30 minutes, and as the mold can’t survive above 140℉, it will make the fungus inactive. A hygrometer can be used too to check how much moisture is left. Let the content cool down, and this mold can further be tried in different edibles or concentrates.

Recycle the Weed

If you are not ready to reuse the moldy weed, you can at least use it as a fertilizer. While growing those cannabis plants, you can mix the weed with the soil. As a result, the overall temperature of the soil arises, which kills the mold from the weed and help the new plants. The temperature should reach 170℉ to kill the bacteria. Otherwise, the mold can survive and pass on to the next generation.


So this is how you can cleanse the marijuana that is moldy. Always go for a reputed seller when you buy weed online.

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